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  • “Forrest, dear, I took your ‘test’ And I tried to do my best! Loved the process, loved the rhyme, Now writing poems all the time!” – Mindy D., Pastor, Chapel Hill, NC
  • “It took me a week to settle down to the quiet moments for myself. I truly enjoyed your reflections—found myself thinking poetically before the exercise, just getting ready.” – Jennelle W., MD, Chapel Hill, NC

“The Sixty-Minute Poet”

As a result of reading this book and performing its practice exercises, many readers now consider themselves Sixty-Minute Poets and feel this book will become a standard for people of many languages, backgrounds and ages on the topic of how to write poetry and have fun with it!

Why don’t more people around the world write poetry and have fun with it? Because the instruction, for the most part, leaves them intimidated and confused. The author’s promise to the reader? “You give me sixty minutes of focused, timed, uninterrupted reading/writing and you will be well on your way to a lifetime of writing poetry, having fun with it, perhaps even getting really good at it!” These readers come from diverse situations, backgrounds, ages and experience levels. It Works!

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